Songsmith LA

Top Music School in Los Angeles
Sing • Play • Write • Connect • Listen • Learn

Songsmith LA provides music lessons in Los Angeles, California covering voice, piano, keys, songwriting, singing, guitar, bass, and more, all ages.

1-on-1 Music Lessons

  • Face-to-face private music lessons in Hollywood or Echo Park

  • Dedicated, custom coaching with a pro Songsmith, including:

  • Check-in, roadmap, tune-up, song choice, homework, skills development, feedback, and nurturing support

Group Classes

Every new songsmith is required to attend at least one group class with peers.

  • Similar students and levels

  • Small group lessons 2-5 people (voice, piano, guitar, ukulele)

  • Songwriting workshops with up to a dozen songwriters

  • One-at-a-time learning in front of the group at lesson format

  • Duets and pairings, including group writing

  • Group projects and songs outside of class

Events & Meetups

  • Network & social events including mixers and concerts

  • Open mics at different venues

  • Network of shows of other Songsmiths, current and past!

  • Guest speakers on production, marketing, recording, writing, and more!

  • Extra fees may apply depending on venue and event

Online Help

  • Email support any time

  • Dropbox for submitting your recordings (songs you’re playing, singing, or writing) for feedback

  • Questions, guidance, resources, ideas

  • After your first class or lesson, take your 1-on-1’s by FaceTime, Skype, etc.


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