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Songsmith LA provides music lessons in Los Angeles, California covering voice, piano, keys, songwriting, singing, guitar, bass, and more, all ages.

1-on-1 Music Classes in Los Angeles

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Why Songsmith LA?

Our teachers are hand-picked performers, writers, recording artists, constant learners, and experienced coaches. They've been screened, tested, and reviewed, and you're matched with your best match. And if you disagree, you can always try one of our other teachers.

And we offer comprehensive lessons for most any subject or instrument:

  • Improvisation & Fills

  • Performance and Technique

  • Private 1-on-1 or Group Classes

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What's in studio the next week: Actors, Songwriters, Piano & Chords workshops. Coming up next: Ukulele, Guitar, & Singing!

Posted by Songsmith L.A. Music School on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Private, 1-on-1 music lessons range from $39 to $75 with current discounts and packages available. You can start piano, voice, guitar, songwriting, ukulele, banjo, chords, and more for as little as $39 per week for young kids (ages 4-7), $55 for adults and older kids, and $69 for one-hour sessions.

What are classes like?

This varies a lot - it really depends on you, your learning style, your interests, and your experience. We'll assess you and pair you with the best teacher and from there, that Songsmith will get you started with materials (books, song choices) and assignments (anything from exercises, listening, songs, reading, and concerts). As an adult student you steer the ship a little bit: want something different or new? Just ask! Some students come in wanting to learn one style of piano only to realize a few months in, they want to learn to write songs, or sing, or play guitar as well, and discovered an interest in a different style.

For children, things are structured yet fun. The number one complaint we hear from parents and adults who took piano lessons when they were younger: It wasn’t fun. We pride ourselves on making it fun, relevant, varied, and do this by integrating listening, singing, improvising, and songwriting with the standard fare of playing, understanding, and reading music.

How often should I take music lessons?

That's really up to you as an adult. Kids classes are once a week at a set time. Most adults choose this as well; some come every other week (one hour lessons), depending on their schedule. If you're coming from outside of LA or travel often for work or play we do offer longer sessions: 90-120 minutes. Other students take classes twice per week and split their learning time between guitar, piano, voice, and songwriting!

Ask us about online lessons as well (FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger).

Do you offer group classes?

We offer workshops and group events, check the calendar!

If you and a friend are interested in splitting lesson costs, just ask about lessons customized for 2-3 students – adults or children!

Also check out our Meetup for Songwriters, Producers, and more!