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Songsmith LA provides music lessons in Los Angeles, California covering voice, piano, keys, songwriting, singing, guitar, bass, and more, all ages.

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Voice • Piano • Creativity
Songwriting & Composition

Websites & Social Media for musicians
Arrangement, Accompaniment


Bobby Apperson teaches Voice, Performance, Songwriting and Composition, and Advanced Piano and has been a musician for over 30 years, playing piano and becoming a local teacher and public performer in high school. He majored in composition at UT-Austin and pivoted from classical + Broadway to pop, rock, jazz, funk, soul, and folk, while studying arranging, strings, and choral music. Life took him briefly to Seattle and now California, where he song writes and is a creative coach to singers, singer-songwriters, and singer-songwriter-pianists. His studio has been top-rated online since 2013.

In 2016, BA Music Studio became Songsmith LA and started hosting house concerts and group events for networking. Songsmith LA now offers several teachers and coaches in various studies!

Bobby also has worked in music tech and was the lead web developer on websites for Justin Timberlake and Dave Matthews Band. As both a social media junkie and sage, he provides web and social media development and writing services for his music clients. He’s available for gigs, arrangement, music directing, and more.


The best part of working with him is that he helped improve my voice as well as my piano playing. As a songwriter and performer, he had so many tips on how to better those areas as well. You won’t find a more patient and positive teacher!
— Anneke, Yelp


Lessons with Bobby Apperson

Voice | Songwriting | Piano | Chords | Creativity Coaching

  • 1 hour $80 | 4 hours 10% off | 6 hours 15% off | 10 for $60 ea (25% off)

  • 45 min option available ($69)

  • Trial lesson / Intensive for Pros: 30 min $45

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Bobby's Coverage

  • Voice & Singing
    Composition & Arranging
    Music Theory & Chords
    Creativity Coaching
    All Levels Piano
    Websites & Social Media for musicians
  • Weds-Saturday by appointment
  • Dedicated Hollywood Studio serving West Hollywood, Hancock Park, Hollywood Hills, Mid-City, Mid-Wilshire, Koreatown, East Hollywood, Los Feliz, & more
  • From $45 (30 min) to $80
  • (213) 259.9679
    • Singer-Songwriters (any instruments, or none)
    • Pop, jazz, and Broadway singers
    • Playing & singing (piano, guitar)
    • Performance Coaching and Creativity Coaching for creatives, including non-musicians!

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